Meer over Ettinger...en The Meaning of Life.

Mijn post over de dood van Robert Ettinger gisteren was heet van de naald, en voorzover ik weet de tweede wereldwijd - net geen primeur dus - maar er zijn inmiddels meer herdenkingsteksten geschreven. Zoals deze, op het relatief nieuwe CryoBlog Chronosphere.

Een ander stukje verscheen in de afdeling "Science Obitauries" van The Telegraph. Aangezien dit een gewone krant is die dus ook door "gewone" mensen - dwz: niet-cryonisten - gelezen wordt de nodige domme reacties. Niet zo interessant, behalve één, die ik anoniem zal citeren (om de schrijver niet te blameren om zijn oppervlakkigheid), vooral omdat het antwoord van cryonist Mike Darwin mij uit het hart gegrepen is. The Meaning of Life!

[Anon]Why on Earth would anyone want to be immortal? An infinite number of years featuring phone hacking revelations, or arguments about the merits of a single currency? Or a life time with arthritis/dementia? If I am to die then please don't bother freezing me, give me some peace at last!
[Mike Darwin]: OK, so now the world knows what your life is like; preoccupation with the base trivia of our age, such as Murdoch's mendacity and the economic nonsense of the Continent. But, for some of us, life is much more than that right now and it promises to have even more on offer in the future; if we choose to make it so. London, for example, is a great city with great music (often free), wonderful food, fantastic sex and some of the finest minds on the planet to converse with. That is true of many other places on earth, and nothing stops you from going walkabout to see them. If you can't think of a literally endless list of challenging and enjoyable things to do, then the failure is with you (and in you) because you have lost the most precious gifts of all; curiosity and delight in life and all the joys and sorrows it brings. If that is indeed the case, then I would be the first to say that immortality would indeed be wasted on you and I feel very sorry for you. Let us hope your agony here amongst the living is not too prolonged, because there are those of us who can use the space and the resources, and richly enjoy them in the bargain!