Cryonics challenges human capability

Artikel uit "The Daily Beacon" - From the series Acorns and Other Seeds.
Door Anna-Lise Burnette, Columnist. 8 februari 2012.
Het artikel kabbelt wat over cryonics voor-en-tegen, maar heeft een gematigd positief eind:

And that is what, to me, makes this whole business of cryonics so fascinating. Sure, you have to wonder what kind of person wants to live “forever,” and you’ve got to wonder who assured them that the people of the future even want to be subjected to their presence. But petty concerns of “would I get along with this person if he or she weren’t dead?” are largely irrelevant. What really sticks out about these indefinitely frozen people’s personalities is this: They all must have had an incredible faith in the human mind. Not in their own (though of course that’s an assumption that you’ve got to make when you’re banking on memory preservation), but in the minds of countless people who haven’t even been born yet. Something obviously gave them hope that at some unknown point in time some scientist, somewhere, will figure out how to restore them to their former glory. Whether you agree with them or not, you have to admit that it’s a confidence booster. After all, aren’t we all of that same stock?