War on Aging

Sciencedebate.org heeft nu een forumvraag
"Should the United States fund a "War on Aging "?". Interessante vraag. Ik vraag me altijd af waar iedereen de tijd vandaan haalt op dit soort fora te posten - het leven is al zo kort - maar ik was toch wel blij dat John de Rivaz - gerenommeerd cryonist - dat wilde doen:

Isn't "immortalism" recycling education?
Instead of being pensioned off, individuals can work for maybe hundreds of years and save money until they have enough private means to chose what to do rather than be totally motivated by what produces the best salary.
There was a man on TV the other day who had a rare books business he was running from home via mail order over the Internet. He obviously enjoyed the work. He had previously been a lawyer, from which profession he had presumably saved capital to enable himself to make a modest living doing what he loved the most.
Unless someone's activities are totally "receptive", ie watching other people do something like playing with a ball or listening to people reciting a play, there is some wealth being created, even if only a little.