Hal Finney being cryopreserved now

Het is alweer bijna vijf jaar geleden dat Hal Finney - een bekende transhumanist - liet weten dat bij hem de ziekte ALS vastgesteld was.
Hij gaf aan dat hij niet snel zou opgeven, maar zijn activiteit op de diverse mailinglists - en dat waren er heel wat meer dan alleen de extropy mailinglist - stopte min of meer per direct.
Ik heb mij in de tussentijd nog wel eens afgevraagd hoe het met hem zou gaan, maar vandaag hoorde ik via Max More dat hij was overleden. En gelukkig, zoals het ieder verstandig mens betaamt, in goede handen was bij één van de cryonics providers, in zijn geval Alcor.

I am both sad and happy to tell you that long-time Extropy Institute/Extropy magazine/Extropy chat list
mber -- and honored cypherpunk and Bitcoin pioneer – was declared clinically dead this morning and is now being cryopreserved. Hal was diagnosed with ALS five years ago. He made it clear that once he lost the ability to communicate, he did not want his vital functions supported any further but should be allowed to cease functioning and promptly be cryopreserved. Hal and Fran Finney arrived in Scottsdale, Arizona on Tuesday where he was checked into ICU of a hospital near Alcor. After administration of drugs to ensure no consciousness, his ventilator was removed. Although the doctors expected all breathing to cease within an hour, Hal’s body kept going until shortly before 9:00 am this morning, August 28, 2014. Immediately after pronouncement of legal death, Alcor’s standby team went into action, restoring circulation, ventilation, administering an array of medications, and initiating external cooling. Surgery is currently underway to enable us to replace Hal’s blood and interstitial fluids with cryoprotectant. Once perfusion is finished we will be able to plunge Hal’s temperature down past the freezing point without any significant ice formation. Once he is down to around -110 degC we will slow cooling and take a couple more days to reach the final storage temperature of -196 degC. After that, Hal will be placed in long-term storage and cared for until the day when repair and revival may be possible. Hal’s wife, Fran (also an Alcor member) has stayed by Hal’s side throughout and is observing our procedures firsthand. Since Hal is open about his Alcor membership and said that he would be happy for us to tell people about his choice if it might be good for cryonics, we will be issuing a press release, as well as writing something more extensive for *Cryonics* magazine and elsewhere. If you have thoughts on Hal and his life and work, please send them to me. Hal, I know I speak for many when I say that I look forward to speaking to you again sometime in the future and to throwing a party in honor of your revival. --Max