Does liquid oxygen dissolved in liquid nitrogen pose a hazard to cryonics patients ?

Via CI op FaceBook:

The boiling point of liquid oxygen is −183ºC, which is higher than the −196ºC boiling point of liquid nitrogen. This means that liquid oxygen can co-exist with liquid nitrogen, and often does (although liquid nitrogen is produced as a waste-product of liquid oxygen production, and it would be foolish for the producers to be losing liquid oxygen in the liquid nitrogen they sell). There is little threat to cryonics patients from liquid oxygen in liquid nitrogen. The liquid oxygen does not stratify or concentrate, but distributes itself evenly throughout the liquid nitrogen. Moreover, there is no way for liquid oxygen to penetrate into patients. So even given the worst-case scenario of liquid oxygen causing oxidation reactions, those reactions would only be on the most superficial areas of skin. Have a great day. :-)